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Monday September 7, 2009 Labor Day

Slow Food Northern New Jersey Eat-Ins for Better School Lunch!

On Labor Day, Sept. 7, 2009, we’re holding EAT-INS in:

ON LABOR DAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2009, we're holding 4 EAT-INS in: Newark, Montclair, Morristown, and Blairstown as part of a National Program called Time for Lunch. On Labor Day, families will gather with their neighbors to share a meal and to tell our nation’s leaders that change can’t wait: it’s time to get real food into the National School Lunch Program.

This is an invitation to take one day, Labor Day and use it to build a strong foundation for our children’s health. We’re building a movement to reshape the way our children eat at school.

The Eat-ins are a combination pot luck and sit in with

Free! Bring a dish to share, plates, cutlery, chairs, and a bag to take home your plates. Think organic, local, and healthy food! Go to your local Farmer's Market and shop with your family for the ingredients and cook together!  more 

Time for Lunch: Eat-In Schedule

12-2PM Blairstown  more 

12-2PM Newark  more 

3-5PM Montclair  more 

4-6PM Morristown  more 

If you would like to do an Eat-In in your town and if you have further questions contact Margaret Noon: slowfoodnnj@yahoo.com or 908-654-3242.

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